Economic data law

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What are data? How does the law protect them? How to construct data protection models?

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  • Uniwersytet Jagielloński
  • EDL
  • 11  wykładów
  • Kurs otwarty
  • 30 września 2023

O kursie

The third edition of the course

The course introduces students to the complex subject of "economic data law", ie the whole normative material regulating who (in the market space) can use what data and under what conditions. The issues of privacy law, property law as well as consumer law are presented. Moreover, the course thoroughly explores the philosophical foundations of data law and the socio-technological foundations of the world we live in. The latest proposals of the European Union, which have a chance to change the face of data law in the coming years, are also analyzed.


Przemysław Pałka is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the Jagiellonian University, where he is the Project Manager of "Private Data Law: Concepts, Practices, Principles and Politics", financed by the Norwegian Funds, and an Affiliated Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale University. His research interests include law, technology and social justice. Previously, Pałka was a Yale's Fellow in Private Law (2018-2020) and a Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence (2016-2018). He holds a PhD ('17) and LLM ('14) EUI, as well as a Master's ('13) from the University of Warsaw.

The recording, production, and translation of the course, as well as adapting the Copernicus College platform were funded by the project "Digitalized! Society in the Age of the Digital Revolution," carried out at Jagiellonian University from 2019 to 2022. The project was funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Academic International Partnerships program; contract no: PPI/APM/2019/1/00016/U/00001.

The content of the course was funded from the budget of the Priority Research Area "Society of the Future" within the framework of the funds granted to the Jagiellonian University under the "Excellence Initiative" program.


  1. Economic data law
  2. Data & Economy
  3. Data ownership
  4. Privacy I: USA
  5. Privacy II: GDPR
  6. Manipulation and mental costs
  7. Algorithmic bias
  8. UNA Interview with Dr. Raphaele Xenidis
  9. Critique of the GDPR
  10. The AI Act
  11. Future, EU and other players
  12. Brak egzaminu